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Are you looking to take the next step in your publishing journey? Choosing the right people to help you through can be challenging. That's why we've done the hard work for you! We've had the opportunity to work with some fantastic publishing professionals. These are our top recommendations!

We receive no payments or kickbacks from our recommendations, so you can be sure that we only recommend freelancers and companies we believe in.


Choosing an illustrator is an important step in the self-publishing processes. Good illustration can make your book shine! Below are some of the talented illustrators we've worked with and recommend. 


Ana Djordjevic is a Serbian illustrator. She likes to vary between her two main illustration styles, as it keeps her focused and loving her job. Her client list now includes QuartoKnows, IglooBooks, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Usborne, and more. Ana produces digitally rendered pieces for her clients and has extensive experience as an art director, an illustrator, and a graphic designer, bringing a unique skillset to her clients.


Eva Rodríguez is an illustrator based in Extremadura, South Spain. After studying translation and interpreting and working for several years as a professional translator, she decided to trust her true passion, which is art and illustration. Since then, Eva has illustrated numerous books for children, combining digital and traditional art techniques. Her favorite art supplies are graphite and gouaché. She enjoys drawing whimsical characters, snowy landscapes, and florals of all kinds.


Bojana Stojanovic is an award-winning illustrator currently living in Belgrade, Serbia. She found her calling in children’s publishing and has illustrated numerous books for young readers. Bojana’s art is inspired by nature and the animal kingdom. She loves to draw adorable creatures that are able to tell a story at first glance. She loves experimenting with traditional and digital media to develop her art further. 


Anya Infinity is a Russian-American children's book illustrator. Anya really enjoys exploring relationships and feelings between characters and playing with bright colors and exaggerated shapes. She most often draws outdoor and rural scenery. Much of her style and work is influenced by Russian folk tales and art.


Tanya Eddy is a digital artist specializing in children’s illustration and photorealism. In her style, which demonstrates keen attention to detail and a desire to give a voice to the voiceless, one may note the influence of renowned American painter Edward Hopper. Throughout the years, her works have been awarded such accolades as the Ethel F. Kamberg Memorial Prize for portrait art from the St. Louis Artist’s Guild, have featured in an issue of Artist’s Magazine, have appeared as cover art for several independent authors, and have been used in fundraising projects for non-profit organizations. When she is not creating, Tanya dedicates time to honing the skills of others as owner and operator of the Jonesboro School of Art, an online afterschool art program.


Andreea Chele is a digital artist with a background in illustrating stories for young readers. For the past four years, she has been working for a publishing house which specializes in educational and fiction books for children. Andreea knows the value good illustration brings to a well-written book and the language it needs to speak to draw the reader in. Her illustrations are colorful, and she always tries to bring a little extra to the table. Andreea works to bring attention to details that expand and enrich the amazing world a book creates. She loves experimenting with characters, styles, and perspectives. Her favorite playground comes with an Intuos, a Cintiq, an iPad, a ProPencil and sometimes just regular pencils and brushes. She loves Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco, and Procreate backgrounds. Andreea is inspired by colors, balance, movement, and good design.


Bailey Walker is a talented illustrator from Perth, Western Australia. She studied illustration at Curtin University with the aim of becoming a children’s book illustrator, as she loves creating and sharing beautiful visual narratives. Bailey's preferred method of illustration is digital art. However, she has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember and is confident using different illustration styles and mediums.


Sally Henderson is an illustrator from Perth, Western Australia. She studied illustration at Curtin University and enjoys creating detailed artwork. Sally has a graphic design background and is familiar with InDesign software. She has completed several artworks for Curtin University's GROK and COZE publications.


Marta Taylor is a freelance illustrator who draws children’s book illustrations and happy prints. After spending several years working full time, she has now found a small home next to the mediterranean sea and can slow down and dedicate her time to illustrating. Marta loves to see her style evolve as she learns her craft.


Launch Mission Creative, owned by degree-qualified graphic designer Travis Peterson, offers a range of book layout, book design, typesetting, book formatting, and promotional design services. Travis is also a children's author, so he knows just how important great picture book design is!


You may know Misty Black as an author, but she also helps other authors achieve their publishing goals. Misty's services include typesetting, graphic design, and formatting. She also helps authors upload to Amazon's KDP, choose categories and key words, and navigate ads. 

Typesetting, Formatting, & Design

Typesetting, formatting, and design are highly specialized skillsets. Hiring the right people will ensure that your text is clear and easy to read, that your book looks fantastic, and that your files are ready for publication.

Animation & Book Trailers

Animations and book trailers can be valuable tools in your book marketing plan. These are some of the talented professionals we recommend.  

Alicja Wieckowska

Alicja Wieckowska is a talented animator, illustrator, and character designer. Alicja creates incredible animated book trailers and read-through video clips. 

Website Design, Social Media, & Marketing

Choosing an illustrator is an important step in the self-publishing processes. Good illustration can make your book shine! Below are some of the talented illustrators we've worked with and recommend. 


Chris Dove offers marketing and promotional consultations for authors starting out on social media. Chris is a children's author herself, so she knows the value of effective social media marketing in promoting children's books. 


Cure Collective Pty Ltd offers a range of branding, web design, logo design, and marketing services. They can help ne authors create a strong online presence. 


BrandStory Blvd is a children's book marketing agency. Company owner Micaela creates branding and content strategies for self-published children's authors. She helps authors navigate merchandising and maximize royalties. She also hosts a children's book marketing podcast.  


Intricate Designs offers a range of graphic design, branding, and web design services. Owner Arlene Soto can help authors create effective websites, logos, and graphics to help with book marketing and advertisement. 

Printing & Publishing

Feeling overwhelmed by printing and publishing options? Try some of these companies!


IngramSpark offers print-on-demand and global distribution services for self-publishing authors. IngramSpark is connected to 40,000 independent and chain bookstores, libraries, and online book retailers.


Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing service enables authors to quickly and efficiently publish eBooks and (print-on-demand) paperbacks, reaching millions of Amazon readers. Using KDP, authors can make changes to their books at any time and adjust pricing.

Other Services

There are a lot of steps involved in the self-publishing process! These are some of the miscellaneous service providers we think can help. 


Run by Debra Kol, Tiny Tinkles works with authors to write songs to accompany their storybooks and feature books on Sing Me a Story class videos.


GotaToy is a plush toy manufacturing company. This company is able to produce custom plush toys, allowing authors to recreate their characters as toys. If you're looking for a plush toy to accompany your book, GotaToy is a great choice!

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