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At Wildflower Books, we offer developmental, line, and copy editing services to help your book on its way to print. 

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Developmental Editing

    $0.03 AUD      

$0.025 USD 

£0.02 GBP 



Line & Copy Editing


$0.03 AUD

$0.025 USD 

£0.02 GBP




$0.02 AUD 

$0.015 USD

£0.01 GBP


Yes, we offer line and copy editing samples for novel-length manuscripts. Contact us today to request your 500-word free editing sample. 

*Approximate quotes, subject to change

**Conversion rates are subject to daily change. Please check current price converter 

Editing Portfolio

Some of the novel-length books we've worked on

The Story of Babushka

The Story of Babushka by Catherine Flores

The Old Magic Gum Tree

The Old Magic Gum Tree by Sarah Tydd


Swiftmain by C. R. Fulton

Trip to Lake Ahrooo

Trip to Lake Ahrooo (Princess Carolin's Adventures) by Anne Fifield

Sandy the Service Dog

Sandy the Service Dog: Lost in a Hurricane by Michelle M. Deyarmin

Nathaniel Pybus & the Great Fire

Nathaniel Pybus & the Great Fire by Anton G. Lang

The Night the Moon Trembled

The Night the Moon Trembled by Hannah Stenfors

Fall of Titan

Fall of Titan by H. G. Ahedi


Transcendence by H. G. Ahedi


Haunted by H. G. Ahedi

Black Moon

Black Moon by H. G. Ahedi

Calculated Murder

Calculated Murder

Your Publishing Adventure

Your Publishing Adventure by YOU!

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