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Who Are We?

Welcome to Wildflower Books, proudly owned and operated by Shannon Jade. 

Shannon has worked as an editor on many fantastic children's books through her first business, Just Your Type. She discovered that children's book authors are important, talented, and unique, and she realized that her clients could benefit from a children's book specialist service. Wildflower Books was born. 

Wildflower Books offers a range of editing services tailored to suit authors working on children's stories, from picture books to young adult fiction. 

We can't wait to help your story on its way to print!


What We Do


We offer developmental, line, and copy editing services for children's manuscripts, ranging from picture books to YA novels. 


We offer proofreading services for children's manuscripts, helping to ensure that your book is ready for print. 


We offer synopsis and personal biography writing services. No idea how to sum up your story? We can help!

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Editing Portfolio

Some of the wonderful books we've worked on

A Picture-Perfect Rainbow Day

by Misty Black

by Kim Ann

by Kobe Nhin & Mary Nhin

If you think Sage was excited to get a pet unicorn, wait until she discovers her mom's magical secret!

Ruby the Rainbow Witch and her friendly friends set off on a picture-perfect adventure.

Follow Will as he shares 5 mental toughness tips to help your child  succeed!

Lost in a Hurricane

by Alma Hammond

First impressions can be deceiving. Bo teaches kids just how cool bats can be!

by Kristen Perhach

Join brave, relatable underdog Soren on a magical adventure.

by Michelle M. Deyarmin

Help Sandy the Service Dog  find her way home when she is lost in a hurricane. 

by John O'Boyle

Santa's in trouble and needs a bit of help. His sleigh won't run, and he's out of ideas! Can our young narrator help?

by Misty Black

Punk the Skunk liked to tease. Normally, his teasing was harmless. But today was not a normal day. What happens when teasing goes too far?

By Kim Ann

Socks are disappearing from the hamper, from the bedside, from anywhere and everywhere! Is there a sock monster afoot?

Alma Hammond

Santa is late delivering presents to good boys and girls! Who will help him? Find out in this funny tale with a twist.

Amy Danielle

It’s Halloween, and Stanley could not be more excited! Halloween is his favorite time of year because he can be himself without frightening anyone.

by Kim Ann

We all know what the elves do in preparation for the holiday season, but where do elves go on vacation? Find out in this book!

by Misty Black

Join mother, daughter, and a silly little frog on a heartwarming adventure.

by Kim Ann

All year long, Santa and Mrs. Claus prepare for Christmas, but where do they go on vacation? Let's find out!

The Lost Swirly-Whirly Wand

by Kim Ann

Ruby the Rainbow Witch and her friendly friends return for another picture-perfect adventure.

. . . and many more. Click the button below to view more of the books we've edited.

by Kate Melton

Babaroo feels confused by life on Earth. Why does human food make him feel so sick? A friend helps Babaroo learn about the magic of healthy food.


"As a first-time author, Shannon has been very helpful and sweet throughout the whole entire editing process. She was quick with her turnaround time and provided insightful feedback. When I had questions, she was able to provide many helpful suggestions to make my story sound fluid and consistent. I have decided to use all of her suggested edits and will absolutely work with her again for my upcoming projects. I HIGHLY recommend Shannon for any of your editing needs."


"Shannon was great to work with and did a fantastic job on my edit. In fact, this is a quote from an editorial review on the book she edited for me:
'The rhyming and the rhythm [are] spot on. And, I’m delighted to report, I didn’t spot a single grammatical error. What joy!'"


"Shannon has just edited my picture book, and I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with her work. She made the whole experience easy. The price was fantastic, her work outstanding, and the timeframe in which she completed it was unbelievable. I can now publish my book confident that it is the best that it can be. I will definitely be using her service again in the future."


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